About Us

High Hopes Eventing Farm

High Hopes Eventing Farm is a lush 10 acre equestrian facility located in the resort town of Vero Beach, FL and less than 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. We specialize in 3-Day Eventing and Hunter/Jumper Riding, but we also know the importance of ground-work and that to have a safe competitive mount you must have respect from your horse which starts on the ground. At High Hopes Eventing Farm we teach young riders how to gain that respect that will carry thru their entire riding career whether it is competitive or pleasure riding.

We look forward to helping you begin or continue your riding career with top of the line training at a beautiful facility. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and please contact us for more information or questions.

Head Trainer & Owner, Lyndsay Cunningham

Owner Lyndsay Cunningham has worked with horses for over 30 years starting with the local hunter/jumper circuit then continuing on to 3-Day Eventing. By the age of 14, with the guidance and training from Ralph Hill, Lyndsay was competing against top International Event riders at the upper levels of Eventing on her 16 year old Thoroughbred “Ty”. They were a competitive team and became part of the North American Junior Young Riders Championships. After she retired Ty she purchased a young off-the-track Thoroughbred named Duke. Lyndsay and Duke competed up and down the East Coast living in Boston, MA and Ocala, FL training with Canada’s Olympic 3-Day coach Peter Gray.

After learning to become a more effective rider, exercising professional barn management skills, and refining the way a competitive horse should be cared for, Lyndsay moved to Tallahassee, FL and managed a beautiful 34 acre horse farm where she was the head trainer. Lyndsay now not only had years of competition experience at the top levels but was thoroughly schooled as a manager of a boarding and training facility.

In 2007 Lyndsay started to design High Hopes Eventing Farm with her family, and now today even though it is still growing, it is one of the top Eventing facilities in the area.