Working Students

About working students

Our working students at High Hopes Eventing Farm are riders who aspire to become the best rider that they can be. They work extremely hard from feeding and grooming the horses to exercising them and even competing with them in competition.

Samantha Beckler

Our first working student position was filled by Samantha, who had only been riding at the walk and trot for a few months. After her summer position at High Hopes Eventing Farm, she moved back to Kentucky to finish her degree and was confidently jumping small courses and cantering throughout our fields.

Connie Flores

Connie has been with us more recently and has been a great addition to our team. Her passion, attention to detail, and quality of care complements the High Hopes Eventing Farm team.

Hailey Nottage

Hailey is our newest working student and has a great can-do attitude! She has made a wonderful addition to the riding side of the operation. She's game to hop on any horse whether young and inexperienced or our older more experienced horses and always brings out the best in each horse.

Jordan Vann

Jordan has been riding for around 11 years and continues to take pleasure in working with horses. She is very patient and calm with the horses and couldn't be happier with her purchase of Learning To Fly. She feels that she has found the perfectly compatible horse for her at HHEF.

Karen Wetzel

Karen is a newer working student, but has quickly become an asset to the farm with a great work ethic, an optimistic attitude, and a strong love of the horses. She is always willing to help around the farm doing any job that needs to be done, from dragging the fields to working with the younger horses. Her dedication to the horses and to providing quality care for them complements the overall goals of the High Hopes Eventing team.